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accidental pick-me-ups :D Aug. 7th, 2011 @ 06:48 pm
Had a bit of leftover ratatouille. Thought "well, ratatouille is kind of the French edition of curry, right?" (...this is, by the way, the same thought process that has led me to invent Korean-Mexican-Iowan fusion food.)

Grabbed some chicken curry to go with the ratatouille from the little Indian takeout by the railroad tracks on the edge of campustown.

The guy behind the counter who was earnestly trying to help the extremely-white Scottish-redhead with zero-heat-tolerance navigate the available menu rang me up and said with a smile, "Make sure to tell your parents about us too!"

All I can figure is that he mistook me for an undergrad.

Which is pretty flattering, since I'm 38. :D

I'm used to getting carded, and I think I'll be a bit bummed when I don't get carded regularly anymore, but it's nice to have a bit of confirmation that I may not be as middle-aged as I feel some days. :D
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absolutely floored! Jul. 4th, 2011 @ 09:31 pm
Turns out apparently the months of construction tearing up the entire street have unanticipated fringe benefits even beyond improving the sewage lines.

Every other 4th of July (and Memorial Day and Labor Day and Whenever They Feel Like Fireworks Day), when the down-the-road neighbors bust out the hours of fireworks? I don't see Bunter all day, and possibly not the next day either.

This year? He's sitting in the door archway calm as can be, looks over at me occasionally, but completely blase about the whole thing. The machine-gun types, the hissing-screamer types, the silence-then-kablam types? Nothin'. Cool cat is cool.

^o-o^ (aka the smiley of "cool cat is so cool he wears shades".)

He really has mellowed out a TON this past six months or so. I figured the Lap Nao effect was a winter thing, but he's still just as demanding in the middle of July, which makes me alternatively exasperated when trying to do masters-degree work around firmly-planted-cat-butt and thrilled that he's finally trusting me -- even when I pick him up and snuggle him a little.

(Nail trimming is still a three man job unless I catch him in an insanely blissed out mood and get through one foot at a time, which only seems to occur once every six weeks or so.)

juthwara and longstrider? Thanks again for giving me the best Christmas present ever. :D
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Today's randomosity: Biggest dog evar Apr. 7th, 2011 @ 10:16 pm
strephon and juthwara? I'm afraid Carbon's been beat in the Enormous-est Dog category.

There was a guy jogging down the road. Reasonably tallish guy. Probably around 6 feet or 6'2".

The dog he had on a leash didn't come up to his hip. The dog came up past his elbow.

It was built like a greyhound, all sleek and white, except it was the size of a pony. That dog had to be eight feet long from nose to tail, and at least four feet high at the shoulder. Times I wish my cell phone had a camera.

I can't even imagine what you'd have to mix to come up with that dog. Greyhound, Great Dane, and Thoroughbred?

Man I wish I had a picture; kind of gave the same impression of "who screwed up the scale here?" that ligers do. (Actually, looking at that picture -- dog was about that height! Not as long obviously, and much more slinky-lean, but still. Dang.)

Bean & barley Italian wedding stew Mar. 26th, 2011 @ 10:21 pm
This turned out an entire crock pot brimming full of stew so thick and stick-to-your-ribs-itive that one bowl was an entire meal, which is pretty rare in the soup realm. My estimate is that it's going to make about 8-10 meals out of one crockpot full, since 5 of us ate about half tonight and plan on eating the other half with some grilled cheese sandwiches on Wednesday.

Recipe hereCollapse )

The verdict? Yummmmmm. Hearty and tasty and really REALLY easy to throw together with stuff we usually have on hand in either dried or frozen form.
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empirical evidence suggests: yes, cats do have a sense of dramatic irony Dec. 13th, 2010 @ 10:51 pm
So for a couple weeks Bunter was going through this Phase where he'd get on top of his cat throne, spot the dangly toy, try some increasingly astonishing acrobatics to dangle himself upside down to get it, spot the end of his tail, and then the high-speed cat cirque du soleil stunts would start coming out of the woodwork.

Self, says I, I need video evidence of this. This is variously hilarious and awesome by turns.

So I asked cressida0201 if I could borrow her bitty flipcam, which she very kindly lent me.

Ever since I borrowed the flipcam?

Cat could not be less interested in his cat throne, let alone any spectacular tail-chasing acrobatics.


(I figure I'll hang onto the camera for a while Just In Case. Because you never know, he might get crazy ambitious again one of these days. Right now, though, his latest Phase involves high-speed straight-line diagonals from the corner behind my bed to the opposite end of the house, straight over and/or through anything in his way. He does the sprint in circa 2 seconds, which would be much more impressive if he wasn't usually doing it over my sleeping body at 3 am. :D)
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» It's like what happens when you crossbreed Frank Sinatra and Jaws
...I was amused by the thought, anyway. :D

Cooked dinner, finished cleaning for juthwara and longstrider's planned but unfortunately-snow-overridden visit, did the exercise routine, cleaned up, sacked out on the couch with the laptop, typetypetype.

This perfectly tidy little furry black candy-cane arch of a cat tail goes sauntering past the coffee table. (I was almost expecting a Muppet to come popping up next.) The cat turns around and goes sauntering back, just this exquisitely king-of-the-roost amble, with only that prim and cocky tail visible above the 'horizon line'.

The thought pops into my head: It's like what happens when you crossbreed Frank Sinatra and Jaws.

...I had to come write it down. HAD to. XD

B & B, I'm bummed that we're not going to get to meet up, but being the weather-driving coward I am, I completely and totally understand the want to not drive across 4-5 states with a snowstorm producing six inches of snow at a time on your heads the entire way!

I suspect I may be working from home Thursday if we really do get six inches overnight tomorrow, and I just have to drive a mile and a half (but that's after digging my way through 200 square feet of six-inch-deep snow on the driveway, which I have a bad habit of damaging myself during if I try to do it all at once...)
» Long distance tech support in reverse
So Dad always calls to ask me things about malfunctioning video-specific and music-specific software that he's got on his computer that I've never seen or heard of anywhere else? And I try to guess-blind talk him through stuff, which often doesn't work because most of the time these media software things have Kewl Uneeek Interfaces of Kewlness (aka "standards? what standards?") But sometimes it works anyway? XD

Just did the reverse to Dad this morning. Started up the laundry. Came back downstairs to gallons of hot water all over the floor and the hot water heater check valve dumping gallons more as I gawked. Bucket, mop, scrubscrubscrub, dumpbucket, scrubscrubscrub, panic, get bigger bucket, buy self time somehow, run upstairs, call and leave message, run back downstairs, okay no overflow yet, repeat.

Dad comes home, finds out the problem is my check valve, opens up HIS check valve to "see what it should do," and then we BOTH have hot water heaters dumping gallons of water all over everything.

...on a day when the ambient temperature is equivalent to Moscow and we've got pipes bursting all over both our towns on top of a four day weekend that means the plumbers are going to be booked for weeks. *headdesk*

Dad found more useful information in his handyman books than I did on the Internet, though - the Internet's solutions are (a) call a plumber or (b) get out a pipe wrench, disconnect everything, and here's how you replace and test a check valve, neither of which was really viable for me at the moment.

Dad found option (c) "flip the check valve up and down a few times to try to get it to re-seal itself properly." So there's no longer bucketfuls of water coming out! It's actually not leaking at the moment! I'm holding my breath for the next time the gas comes on and the pressure goes up, buuuuut it looks like maaaaybe I might be in the clear...? *knocks on wood*

*off to take headache meds and fall over for a while*
» Easy steel-cut oatmeal breakfasts for a week
'Cause I keep forgetting to write it down for Kath... AB's version is nice, but I hate that the oatmeal always scorches in the bottom of the crockpot and then takes forever to get out. This version is scorch-free and scour-free! And the great thing about this version for a single person is that from one night's prep you get most of a week's instant-microwavable oatmeal that still has the taste and creaminess of real steel-cut oatmeal.

Overnight steel-cut oatmealCollapse )
» Wii balance board = new cat bed
So I have a Wii (wooooot!). My first ever gaming console -- purchased 75% for the purpose of getting exercise in a method that changes from session to session and is therefore less prone to "omg I have DONE THIS SAME THING SOOOO MANY TIMES NOW" than your standard static DVD.

Still in the process of setting it up.

Have already had to remove the batteries from the balance board on account of how Bunter has decided it is his new cat bed.

Will try (presumably temporarily) evicting cat and re-adding batteries at some point when I am NOT trying to do fiddly typing-things-in-to-on-screen-keyboard configuration stuff.

Cats... XD
» Dangerously awesome foodie website

I found them while looking for flower flavorings (violet, jasmine, etc) in a form that didn't come preloaded with sugar like Monin's flower syrups.

MAN, have I found the motherlode! *___*

Not just flower flavors -- all KINDS of flavors. Everything from boysenberry flavor to horseradish flavor to green tea flavor (yeah that one caught my attention) to things like apricot cheesecake.

Now the problem is figuring out how to restrain myself to a budget. (I might tell my brother who hates shopping 'hey, a gift certificate to here would be completely awesome!')
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